"there seemed to me to be no truth, no good,
in anything big in society."
everything is beautiful from far away
and it’s never exactly as you see it.
or as you want to see it. you see what you want to.
"but quiet sounds were like loneliness, or love or friendship.
permanent, I thought values, independent at least from life,
time and coca-cola."
sounds, silences, emptiness....
maybe you're taking an empty train or driving over the empty
bridge at the break of dawn...
it may be fulfilled with something pointless... or meaningful...
at a certain moment everything is alive itself.
independent from your point of view. it may be just minding
its own business.
" each moment is absolute, alive and significant "
" so we make our lives by what we love "
"I love it for no reason"

why should we find reasons for love?
everything else has already failed. isn't it the right time for love?

to love & to appreciate
not everything has to be reasonable
not everything has to be meaningful
at least not the whole time
searching for meaning is

not searching for meaning is
meaningful as well
we're going to look for ourselves as long as we all shall live.
it might be good to have some free (empty) space for
something new and important. it might be good to stay open
for searching.
“we carry our homes within us, which enables us
to fly, or to stay, to enjoy each. "
eventually we all hopefully will find homes
in ourselves